Whether you’re visiting New York or you’ve lived here all your life, chances are you haven’t tasted an authentic Cuban sandwich or Cuban dishes. Unless you are from Miami, millions of Americans, especially in New York, are deprived of this Latin American gem. However, that does not mean it isn’t out there.


Located New York East Village, Café Cordtadito provides New Yorkers with a small yet cozy brunch spot where diversity, culture, and food all embodies ones. Immediately walking in, you’ll notice that the crowd tends to be younger, mid-twenties to early-thirties. But what is most appealing is the authentic Cuban experience the minute step foot into the place. The charming little candlelit dining room and genuine Cuban menu is something that is hard to find in all of greater New York. One thing to look out for especially is the ‘bottomless brunch’ deals. The unlimited mimosa options will leave you and your party there for hours.

While everywhere in New York is seen as “cozy,” Café Cortadito is no exception. At times the place can feel small and cramped. But that is the price of its popularity. What really makes this stand out above the rest is of course the food. The dishes are exquisitely made and well plated, especially the ropa vieja. The shredded beef in a rich tomato-based sauce becomes exponentially better if you mix that with fried plantains and rice. The only thing to make that dish better is if you were sitting in front of a beach! Beyond the classic Cuban dishes such as the empanaditas de carne, churrasco, arroz con pollo, Café Cortadito also serves a phenomenal breakfast and brunch entrees such as the lobster Benedict or grounded steak meals. So whatever you are in the mood for, they are ready for you.


As stated before, the best part about Café Cortadito is the bottomless brunch deals. For $30.00 dollars, you can find yourself with a river of tropical mimosas, margarita champagne, mojitos, Bloody Mary, or sangrias, depending on your decision. Whatever you decided, just know you will be in for a delicious and satisfying drink.

So if you are looking to taste a little bit of Latin America, come check out Café Cortadito here.