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Pizza is an incredibly subjective cuisine. It is a simple dish that is somewhat explosive the minute you take a bite. It is a memory of your 3rd grade soccer team celebrating a win and a commemoration to your first apartment. It is a recollection of the number of happy hours and a metaphorical hug for your goodbye parties. To put it simply, it is everyone’s favorite dish. Every bite of the heavenly thin-crusted, lightly burnt, yeasty, and cheesy goodness is what keeps us coming back for more. While there are many pizza spots in New York City, nothing can compare to the simple yet beautiful taste of the Clinton Hill Brooklyn treasure, Emily.

When critiquing a restaurant, you will find out quickly that the art is more than just the food. Rather it is the holistic view of dining satisfaction. Every meticulous detail whether that is the seating arrangements to the plating embodies the overall character of the place and for Emily, it does just that.

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The one thing I love about this place is their story. Whether you hear it from the owners or read it on their main website, the story behind the restaurant is something of a fairytale. Like many pizza and restaurant stories, Emily’s started with a bite. During their first interaction over a decade ago, Emily and Matt (owners of Emily) began their relationship on the floor at the dorm room in Rhode Island with only a pie of pepperoni and olive to spark their relationship. From then on, their relationship blossomed into a journey to New York where they were able to launch their own restaurant. For them, the pizza couple did not see this as a simple pizza shop. Rather they saw it as a place that they could call home. It was there in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn where Matt and Emily were able to set up their dream and provide the public with the passion, warmth, and hominess in every slice and dish that they served.

When walking into Emily, you will immediately note that you are in a place where good things happen. While small, the overall space provides a lot of character. With the low-lit lighting and cozy seating, the inside provides a small yet intimate space. You will oftentimes find that you will be sitting next to couples. But like any place in New York, it isn’t quite bothersome. One thing to point out is that the service is absolutely excellent; everyone who works at Emily is warm and lovely. If you are lucky, you may even have a chance to chat it up with the owner.

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Now as any critic, the results ultimately come down to the food. And after having a single bite, I fell in love. The pizza itself transcends that of anything that I’ve ever tasted, even by Brooklyn pizza standards. With its delectable thin crust and incredibly sauce, I felt like I was in heaven. One thing to taste beyond the pizza is of course the Emmy burger. I have heard various reviews from friends who have had it and had to of course try it for myself. The fluffy pretzel bun, cheddar cheese, cornichon, and caramelized onions put the icing on the cake for the night.

So if you are ever in the Brooklyn area and are pining for a slice of pizza, check out Emily. I promise you will not be disappointed.