As a bustling city, New York has numerous restaurants in all of its boroughs, especially Manhattan and Brooklyn. The growing culinary scene of New York City continues to thrive as certain restaurants stand out from the crowd in 2020.

One of the top restaurants in the city is Sushi Noz. Run by a chef named Nozomu-Abe does more than just cook meals, he puts on performances. Diners may see him use eucalyptus to cook grilled eel or they may even see him take apart a king crab in order to cook and serve it. Patrons must make their dining reservations one month in advance and pay for their meal when they make the reservation. However, one can be canceled within three days to get a full refund.

Flora Bar can’t be found on any of New York City’s busy streets. It makes its home in the bottom floor of the Met Breuer Museum. Boasting a world-renowned chef and a pastry chef, dinner and dessert are exquisite at this restaurant. Each dish is a work of art, including the endive salad which boasts a purple appearance. The way the salad is served it appears to resemble a purple rose. The dessert menu is always changing to keep diners on their toes.

The Atomix is new York City’s premiere Korean restaurant. Diners are treated to its tasting menu of 10 courses. Each dish is served with a flashcard on the side. The flashcard describes the culture behind that particular dish. And just like Sushi Noz Atomix requires advanced reservations and full payment for the meal.

For the pasta lovers in New York City, one of the top restaurants is Rezdora. They specialize in serving dishes with bolognese pasta sauce. The head chef doesn’t serve standard pasta either. Her focus is on forming pasta into creative shapes and stuffing them with ricotta cheese. The restaurant’s pasta tastings are extremely popular with locals.

Atla is a popular choice in Mexican restaurants. Open all day long, the menu features dishes like guacamole made with herbs and omelets with egg whites and zucchinis. It isn’t unusual for the locals to use the restaurant for casual meetings and other types of small gatherings.