Located in TriBeCa, Bouley is one of the most exquisite restaurants in New York City. Currently rated number two on Zagat’s Top NYC restaurants, Bouley is one restaurant that you can’t miss. This top notch French eatery created by chef David Bouley fully embodies the fine dining experience, from the ambiance, the service, to the unforgettable food.

The second you enter Bouley, you know that this will be a dining experience unlike any other. The entrance room has a wall of apples that not only adds a splash of color but also gives off a sweet smell. Jackets are required at this upscale restaurant, and the decor exudes just as much sophistication as the necessary attire. From the rounded ceilings and doors to the comfortable chairs and relaxing lighting, Bouley’s environment is perfect for enjoying a delectable meal. The service at Bouley is equally impeccable. Those who fear that servers will be stuffy at high-class restaurants will think again after encountering the warm and welcoming staff at Bouley. Bouley’s staff truly put as much effort as they can into exemplary service.

While the atmosphere and the service are both key parts of any high-class dining experience, guests of course come to Bouley for the draw of the exquisite food. No guest will be left disappointed by the amazing dishes served at this one-of-a-kind eatery. David Bouley’s philosophy for the restaurant is centered around the idea of serving only the highest quality dishes using the freshest seasonal foods. Bouley makes sure that ingredients are used when they are in season in order to capture the highest level of flavor. Bouley places a good deal of emphasis on knowing the farmers, fisherman, and other suppliers from which the produce comes. Bouley intends to bring the flavor forward without distracting from it in any way, and their food clearly reflects this through the clarity in both taste and presentation. The restaurant also makes sure to choose ingredients that are as nutritious as possible.

If you are going for lunch, the tasting menu is a wise choice, as it saves you some money and will be sure to leave you satisfied. The staff brings over a bread cart, which has nearly every type of bread you can imagine, and this is only the beginning. The meal continues with some comforting almond soup. The slow braised kobe beef cheek with gnocchi is truly incredible, with amazingly tender meat. The gnocchi and the sauce were perfect accompaniments to the meat, keeping the dish true to Bouley’s dedicated to purity of ingredients and clarity of flavor.

Everything on the menu at Bouley is delectable, healthful, and extremely memorable. Some of the recommended dishes include the Hot Valrhona chocolate frivolous, the Porcini flan with Dungeness crab and black-truffle dashi, and the Farm egg with polenta and Comté.  No matter what you order, a dish from this restaurant’s menu is bound to please. After a meal at Bouley, you will see why Zagat has rated it the #2 restaurant in New York City.