New York City is known for its abundance of delicious eateries. From local cuisine like New York style pizza to authentic Asian or European eateries, it’s no problem finding a delicious meal in the city. Listed here are some of the best up and coming restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Manhattan, known as the heart of New York City, is a prime spot for various types of food and dining experiences. Some of the best places to check out are Pastis in the MeatPacking District’s own Pastis for classy French fare that can be pretty pricey with an almost impenetrable reservation list to match, The White Horse Tavern in the West Village for upscale bar food, and Tsismis serving up Filipino eats on the Lower East Side. Manhattan may have many upscale and pricey places to dine, but there are some affordable gems worth the while.

Brooklyn is an up and coming gem in its own right with big investments in neighborhood development, so one can only expect food and dining to be on the rise in the borough too. Prime spots to look into include Apollonia in Williamsburg for hip Mediterranean eats from salads to small plates and even happy hour, Kichin in Bushwick for Korean American and all natural wine, and LaLou in Prospect Heights for natural wine and a light meal.

Last, but not least, Queens, one of the largest and second most populous borough in New York City, is another food gem with Asian cuisine on the forefront. From casual Cantonese noodle houses like Yummy Noodle House NYC which serves inexpensive noodle and dumpling soup options in Bay Terrace to Korean stir fry and soju options at Murray Hill’s own Chingunae Pocha to Filipino eats like silogs (garlic fried rice and eggs) and fried milkfish at Papa’s Kitchen in Jackson Heights. However, Asian food aren’t the only good eats in Queens. You can also get into Turkish fare, Mediterranean eats, and even Texas style barbecue.

In New York City, the different restaurants serving different kinds of delicious food is practically endless, and each borough offers their own quirks and specialities. Whenever in New York City, no matter the borough, try to hit up one (Or even all!) of these top up and coming restaurants.