Gramercy Tavern in as incredible culinary hotspot with impeccable service and a mouthwatering cuisine that “never wavers” according to Zagat. This eatery began in 1994 when it was opened by Danny Meyer and Tom Colicchio. It was a revolutionary restaurant for its time, appearing unusually accessible for a luxury restaurant. The more affordable bar menu in the front room, alongside the incredibly juicy meats, enticed a number of people.

Gramercy Tavern is separated into two sections: the tavern and the dining room. The Tavern’s laidback walk-in setting serves an a la carte menu, and during dinner it offers a tasting menu. If you’re looking for a more highbrow experience, head over to the Dining Room, which offers a tasting menu and a fixed-price menu full of the finest fare around. While the restaurant is lauded for its meats, there is a vegetarian tasting menu available with a series of incredible dishes.

Built in a historical landmark building, Gramercy Tavern is truly beautiful. Whether you’re in the casual tavern area of the upscale dining room, the environment is bound to leave you in awe. Decorated with stunning floral arrangements and murals, the Gramercy Tavern will give you the sense of a true luxury restaurant.

The service is consistently top notch, with an attentive staff that always treats customers in a way that is warm and friendly. The servers pay attention to detail, making sure guests are having the best experience they can. They ask about food allergies, dietary restrictions, and even foods that guests don’t like.

The cherry on top of this whole experience is of course the mouthwatering food. The food and drink is incredibly delicious, redefining sophisticated American cuisine. Dine here and you can begin your meal with a perfectly decanted fine wine, followed by some bread of the highest quality and some sumac butter to go with it. And that’s just the beginning.

The entrees offered in the Tavern portion of this eatery are an eclectic mix of flavors, from the fresh monkfish to the jerk chicken. In the Dining room, guests can enjoy fresh vegetables, perfectly cooked meats, and meals that are sure to soothe while also piquing your interest. Each meal truly brings a unique taste to the pallette. After dining here, you will have difficulty picking a favorite dish because every dish is so memorable. Some of the most suggested dishes, however, are the smoked trout and the seasonal pasta. Gramercy Tavern is also known for its array of exquisite cheeses. These cheeses come from all over the country and in some cases, the world.

When it comes time for dessert you are in or an equally scrumptious treat. Even if you order off the tasting menu, you are able to choose from a wide array of delectable desserts. Zagat suggests the cookie plate with milk, though a number of items on the dessert menu have received rave reviews.

This restaurant is Michelin rated, and for good reason. A visit to the Gramercy Tavern will leave your taste buds wanting more. From the beautiful atmosphere to the historical charm to the mouthwatering food, the Gramercy Tavern is not a restaurant to be forgotten.