In New York City, the options for outdoor seating are incredibly slim. Beyond the usual sidewalk or storefront dining, there are very limited places where you and your friends can flee the city limits and wine and dine with the beautiful New York skyline looking back at your face. While the options may be small, the quality that is there is just utter perfection. That brings us to the infamous Riverpark restaurant, a modern-American gem most popular for their breakfast, brunch, and spectacular outdoor seating.

Now to begin, the restaurant has a somewhat mysterious location. While some may see this as a nuisance, many guest and diners have seen this as a more exclusive and VIP private feeling. The overall décor and lights on the interior help complement the modern-themed design. But what is great about the overall design is the placement and design of the interior lights. While, some guest may not be fortunate to sit outdoor, they can still get that Starry Night feeling inside with a plethora of stylistic lights to highlight that Starry Night feeling. In addition to the big open windows, the Riverpark restaurant opens their diners with the beauty and exquisiteness that is New York City.


Beyond the breathtaking view, Riverpark provides an incredible option for their guest and diners. Like any restaurant, no place is worth going to unless the food is good. Even with a sensational view, what keeps guest coming back for more is the quality and reputation of the diner’s experience. For Riverpark, that is what you expect. They truly exemplify the concept of an ‘entire package.’ For many of their dishes, Riverpark chefs provide various subtle tweaks to classic recipes. These short, but notable changes help reignite the classic modern dishes into inspiring works of art. For appetizers and sides, I highly recommend the roasted radishes in anchovy butter. They are to die for. In fact I could have had an entire plate myself. As for entrees, I thoroughly enjoyed the flatiron steak and eggs. Every bite was absolutely sublime. But nothing is of course complete without a drink to cleanse my overall pallet. For Riverpark, they provide an extensive bar and cocktail list for happy hour brunch warriors can enjoy.

So if you are looking for a place to wine and dine with some friends with a particular killer view, I highly recommend Riverpark. It will be just what your summer will need.