For the concrete jungle, wine bars have become the new obsession amongst foodies and wine connoisseurs alike. Its innovative and stylistic approach to wine drinking has given affordable happy hours a whole new pretense. No longer will a person refer to gastropubs, craft beer, and giant Jinga blocks as the highlight of their night. Rather wine bars will provide a provocative night of class, swirling-and-sipping, and bar food. Below, I have highlighted some of New York’s finest and affordable wine bar restaurants. So if you are ever left with the arduous question of what to do for the night, just check out three of my favorite wine bar restaurants and let the good times roll.

CamlinThe Camlin  

Located in Williamsburg, New York, The Camlin has not just as an outstanding, well-curated wine list, but also provides the modern stylistic food to matches any gastro pub. Its interior provides a modern, clean, and simplistic look that enhances the ambiance of the entire atmosphere. If you are looking to wine and dine, this is the perfect place for you. Highly recommended.

El Colmado ButcheryEl-Colmado-6-600x365

If you are looking to culture yourself with the Spanish ‘siesta’ time, I would highly recommend you visit El Colmado Butchery in New York’s Meatpacking district. This tapas wine bar embraces its Spanish roots with a variety of tasty morsels such as lamb meatballs, con tomate, artisanal Spanish cured meats, and much more. It is no wonder why so many people believe that Elcolmado is seen as one of the most notable restaurants on Spanish cuisine in the entire city. Beyond the phenomenal and mouthwatering bite size dishes, this wine bar provides primarily Spanish wine with a  wide range of selections available by the glass to  encourages their guests to explore and discover the wines of Spain.

ten-bells1The Ten Bells

Found in the Lower East Side, this small yet intimate place creates a great ambience for a romantic night with someone special. Its dim lighting and smooth music helps provide a great place to unwind and relax after work. One thing I love about this place is the excellent happy hour specials you cannot get anywhere in New York City. If you are an oyster fan, their $1 dollar deal happy hour special will definitely knock your socks off. But don’t be too eager. In addition, Tell Bells provides incredible wine events and options. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, come check it out. Just keep in mind that they don’t open until 5 pm.