As we continue the saga of wine bars in the concrete jungle, I cannot help but smile for the new meaning and definition for Happy Hour or Saturday night Date Night.  These stylistic New York gems are encompassed by four equal measured elements – the cuisine, the wine, the service, and the overall ambience.


This treasure found right on the edge of lower East Harlem is a great little scene that caters to everyone’s comfort zone. For the menu, ABV likes to reinvigorate its selections with a seasonal menu printed out quarterly. The menu itself is rife with eccentric touches. In addition to its beer selections, ABV provides an exciting vino tap display featuring various exotic European drinks that provide the rich, earthy, crisp, and refreshing taste you have been seeking for all throughout the city. If you have the opportunity of going here, make sure you order the biscuits!

aldoAldo Sohm Wine Bar

Probably one of the best in the city, Aldo Sohm Wine Bar exemplifies anything and everything that is a wine bar. This four-star restaurant oversees 15,000-bottle wine collections made up of 900 wine selections from 12 countries as early as 1875. If you are looking to impress a significant other with a night of luxury, go here. The ambiance provides an elegant living-room space with very affordable entrees. In addition, it is arguably the best value in town and will provide you with delicious small plates, excellent user-friendly wine list, and an incredibly knowledgeable staff that are happy to assist if you have any questions. Helpful hint for newcomers, try going during their lunch times. The prices are incredibly fair while providing you with a special and unique tasty memory.

cork buzzCorkbuzz Wine Studio

Found in Union Square, Greenwich Village, Corkbuzz Wine Studio is the modernize temple for wine lovers. Whether you are looking for an educational experience or a fun place for a date night, take a stop and enjoy. For all of the wine lovers out there, the bartenders and staff are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about each bottle. This is absolutely incredible especially If you are new to the scene and you want to learn more about the origin and taste of a particular wine. Corkbuzz also provides tasting sheets and paper for you to jot notes about the personality and nature of the wine you are having. This type of guidance is usually found from that one college friend who took a wine class back in the day. Learn, experience, and enjoy.