When we hear the words ‘happy hour,’ we think of something more than a social event. It is a place where you can unwind, relax, and enjoy a glass with your friends and or co-workers. As we continue the saga of the best wine bars in New York City, we will begin to focus on the four main elements that make a place so great: the cuisine, the wine, the service, and the overall ambience. Regardless of where you go, whether it is laid back or lavished, you will ultimately be building a memory of new people, shared experience, and of course, delicious and enjoyable wine.


Fifty Paces

If you are a fan of the infamous chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author, Marco Canora, then you will be an immediate fan of Fifty Paces. Located in the East Village of the concrete jungle, Fifty Places strikes a balance between modern elegance and leisure. Its unpretentious vibe, great wine selection, and excellent food makes for this place to be one of the best spots to check out especially if you are looking for a place with reasonable prices. The one thing you can count on at Fifty Paces is the knowledge and skill-sets of their bartenders. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable about their wine list and can give you a strong variety when complementing your dishes. While the entrees were small, the food itself was outstanding. I highly recommend the broth bowl with gingered beef-neck and garlic-chicken meatballs.



Located in Brooklyn, June has developed a strong and positive reputation online with great reviews as the most up-and-coming place to go. One thing I can tell you, it did not disappoint. With a rustic décor and wooden window bar and tables, the candlelit ambiance provides a somewhat romantic spot for you and a special person. As for the wine, the wine bar is simply divine.  The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly, unlike some places.  As for the food, the entrees encompass a very European style such as the Trevisano dish or the Pork Meatballs. Every bite will leave you wanting more.


The Saint Austere

You’ll find none of the typical wine-bar posturing at this Williamburg spot. Unlike the trendy art and light jazz, the Saint Austere creates a very cool and unassuming look with its aluminum bar top, plumber’s-pipe shelves, and old-school hip-hop music. While some people may be thrown off by the decor of the place, the service is absolutely fantastic. The servers are incredibly patient with each table create a “top priority” feeling you want to see at any type of eating establishment. As for the prices, the price point to food quality ratio is quite reasonable. If you are there, definitely get the creamy polenta. It is by far the best thing you can get. Also, for dessert, be sure to order the tiramisu. It will become an odd addiction every time you go. As for the wine, the Saint Austere provides a superb wine recommendation for novices and experts alike. If there, I highly recommend that you check out the wine tasting options. You will get more bang out of your buck for that option.