Who is Geoffrey Byruch?

Geoffrey Byruch

Geoffrey Byruch is a native New Yorker who has a deep affiliation and passion for food, wine, and cigars. All around the world, New York City is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and exotic cuisines. With a plethora of restaurants and dishes to choose from, Geoffrey makes sure to take full advantage of all of the benefits that the Big Apple has to offer. From his love for unique Japanese cuisine to his adoration for fine Italian red wine, Geoffrey knows that New York City is the perfect place to wine and dine with friends and family.

What Makes a Perfect Meal? 

Originally hailing from Philadelphia, Geoffrey Byruch discovered his passion for enjoying a nice meal during his adolescent years. His family would take him to nice restaurants growing up in part because they wanted to expose him to a different level of culture. After a career transition into the concrete jungle, Geoffrey decided to expand his palate even further by going beyond his comfort zone and trying an assortment of dishes. For him, part of the excitement was more than just the meal. Rather, it was the hunt and thrill of discovering the perfect dining experience. For a night to be impeccable, he categorized his dining experience in three different elements:

  1. The restaurant’s overall interior and exterior aesthetics
  2. The efficiency of the staff, and lastly
  3. The quality of the dish and meal itself.

All of these elements played a vital role in Geoffrey’s dining choices. While it was not always smooth sailing to find the perfect restaurant, these three elements did give Geoffrey the opportunity to find the true holy grail of New York City’s fine dining experience. Some that come close are his experiences with sushi. Geoffrey admires the art and taste of Japanese cuisine. Some of his favorite Japanese restaurants in New York City include Sushi Dojo, Kanoana, and Sushi Seki, which all serve an assortment of rolls you can choose from. One of his personal favorite rolls is the Dragon roll. The Dragon roll is an outside thick roll of eel and cucumber wrapped with thinly sliced avocado. Due to its scaly appearance, the green layers of the avocado provides the artistic resemblance to that of the scales of a dragon. For Geoffrey, any restaurant that is able to execute this roll is a place he will definitely go to again.

Geoffrey and Wine 

Over the years, Geoffrey Byruch has adapted a strong palate for Italian red wine. Geoffrey enjoys a wide range of red wines whose grapes derive from southern and northern parts of Italy. Geoffrey’s taste in wine spans from the full-bodied, yet slightly dry tastes of a bottle of Amarone to the very dry, lovely tart-cherry flavors of a Chianti. Italian red wines are produced all across Italy, ranging from lighter bodied and more acidic tastes to more rich, full bodied wines – all equally abundant in delicious flavor. Though most Italian red wines do not pair well with some of Geoffrey’s favorite meals, such as sushi, he has high hopes in finding that perfect wine and meal combination.


To Byruch, smoking cigars is very much like enjoying fine wine. It provides parties with an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere to enjoy and relax, especially on special occasions. For true cigar connoisseurs, like Geoffrey, cigars vary and differentiate in taste and flavor. Much of it depends on the origin and tobacco blend of the cigar. First time smokers are often shocked by the price tag. However, because of the way cigars are often associated with power, an experienced smoker is never surprised to find that the most exquisite cigars tend to be rather expensive. For Geoffrey Byruch, smoking cigars has become a hobby. He adores the overall experience and enjoys the peace and tranquility a simple cigar brings within his dining and social outings. While there are still many to try, Geoffrey hopes one day he can experience one of his most expensive cigars during the Eagles’ victory in the Super Bowl.

About this Blog

Each and every day, there are thousands of individuals who write reviews and critiques on various restaurants in the New York City and Philadelphia area. While some are informative, many are incredibly subjective to the ‘one-and-done’ dining experience. In this blog, you will find a plethora of reviews of various restaurants in the New York, New Jersey, and the greater-Philadelphia area. Each articles goes in depth with the variety, creativity, and ingenuity that each restaurant provides for your eating pleasure. Some will astound you while others will give you a new perspective in experiencing dining in the best possible way. So take a look and explore Geoffrey’s blog and find your next dining destination today.

Personal and Professional Life 

Geoffrey Byruch is an entrepreneur who is always looking for new and exciting opportunities within the world of business. From a young age, Geoffrey has been interested and attuned to the world of business. Geoffrey uses his business savvy and his tenacious attitude to improve within the business field each and everyday. Geoffrey’s persistence and dedication over the years has set him apart from other entrepreneurs and achieve a great deal of success. He uses that determination and drive to acquire many experiences across the world of finance, entrepreneurship, and community service for the betterment of his future and his projects. Today, Geoffrey continues his journey within the entrepreneurial sector with various ventures and undertakings.

Outside of his productive, and somewhat hectic, work life, Geoffrey Byruch enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family. While Byruch is tremendously proud of his professional achievements, he is, first and foremost, a husband and a father to three beautiful children, and loves spending his weekends and time off with them. If he is not with his family, you can probably find Geoffrey with his friends golfing, rooting for any Philadelphia sporting team (fly Eagles fly), hopping around New York City’s best restaurants, smoking the finest cigars, or enjoying a rich glass of Italian red wine or scotch. Whatever is the case, you will always find Geoffrey enjoying life with a smile on his face.