geoffrey-byruch-steakIt is essential for any food connoisseurs to look to the experts when it comes to places to dine out and enjoy the food they love. This couldn’t be more true for New Yorkers. When in New York, many people can get overwhelmed by the extent of the options you have for any style of food you wish to enjoy. Luckily, there are people out there who will rate the best of the best.

For steak lovers, you know the right steakhouse can sometimes be challenging to find. There is a lot that goes into preparing the perfect steak, and when it’s wrong, it is very wrong. So it is important to take a tip from the experts and find the steakhouses that serve the best of the best in New York City. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the restaurants to check out while in NYC.

Porter House Bar and Grill

This restaurant is one of the best places to visit in New York and why it takes such a long time to even snag a table. When you do get the chance to sit down in Porter House Bar and Grill, not only will you find some of the best cuts of beef but you will also enjoy an atmosphere like no other, complete with grand wines and the top side dishes in the area.

Bowery Meat Company

The Bowery Meat Company sure lives up to its name in offering a large number of different cuts of steak, prepared beautifully, in New York City. Not only is the steak prepare well, but the prices are tough to beat. One of the great things about this restaurant is that it also offers options for everyone no matter what your pallet is. It is also known to have NYC’s best burgers.


Cote is known as a Korean BBQ hybrid and may not be a traditional steakhouse that we know and love. But, it surely lives up to one of the best places to get a perfect cut of meat for a reasonable price. Cote even has a “meat locker” located downstairs in the restaurants and a long list of wines that pair perfectly with each cut of meat.