Many people may not know how fast the wine industry can change from year to year. There are many different aspects that come into play when either making or selling wine. Politics can play a large part in its stability and whether or not sales will increase or decrease. This has a substantial impact all over the world. The same is true when talking about climate

Climate change, as you can image, also plays a big part in how well the wine industry does from one year to the next because it is ever changing in so many areas around the world. For anyone who enjoys wine, it’s important to understand what the upcoming year will bring in regards to the industry. In 2019, we will see many different industry changes. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways wine will change during 2019.

Airline Wine
As most know, many airlines offer different beverages and spirits during flights. But what about the wine drinkers? One private jet company by the name of VistaJet has been able to study and figure out what air quality and pressure does to certain types of wine. This has allowed them to best select options for you to enjoy during your flight and even do some tastings. It’s a great way to kill time on long flights and is an option many other airlines will most likely dive into shortly after.

Vegan Wine
With so many people on a vegan based diet, it’s no wonder vegan wine hasn’t come into play sooner. But with the surge of wellness diets in both vegan and vegetarian, wine is sure to come up with a solution for anyone looking for a healthier option to go along with their dietary needs. Even though wine is made from grapes, other fining factors are used as well that include, milk, eggs, fish, and other non-vegan products. With new vegan and vegetarian wine, there will be marked labels on bottles so anyone sticking to a healthier diet can enjoy it.

High Tech Bottle Service
Right now, there are apps made and in the works to make it easier to buy wine. Rather than having to go to your local spirits store, these apps will allow you to scan a bottle of wine you enjoy, purchase and have it delivered right to your door. In our ever-changing and fast-paced digital world, you could on expect to be able to get your wine online. In some parts of the US, vending machines are being made to have wine and other types of adult beverages ready at any time.

We know that there are always different ideas in the works to make our lives just a bit easier and more convenient. The wine industry is no different, and businesses all around the world are coming up with the next best thing in wine.