Wine is enjoyed by many with their dinner, at their leisure, and even during those fun trips to the vineyard for a tasting. Although wine is a favorite for many, there are also common myths that surround the delicious drink. To not tarnish the astounding reputation of wine, here are some common wine myths that must be debunked:

Myth #1: Profession WIne Tasters Know Everything

Nothing sounds more perfect than being a professional wine taster. Although professional wine tasters can know a bit more about wine than the average wine lover, they don’t know everything. It’s important to remember that the opinion of a professional wine taster is just that, an opinion. Too many consumers base their judgment solely on this seal of approval. When in reality, if you like a certain bottle of wine, then get it and trust your own opinion.

Myth #2: White Wine Must Be Served Ice-Cold

While it is true most glasses of white wine are better when served chilled, it’s completely untrue that all glasses of white wine must be ice cold. The truth is, the perfect temperature for most wines, whether it be red or white, is between room temperature and ice cold. If wine is served too cold and too room temperature, it could ruin the flavor and other nuances of the wine. Once you find the perfect temperature somewhere in the middle, it’ll make for better tasting wine. 

Myth #3: Boxed Wine is Tacky

It’s a very popular belief that boxed wine is tacky and too cheap to be considered. On the contrary, boxed wine offers convenience that bottle wine cannot. It is durable, portable, and easy on the wallet. More and more wine lovers are beginning to warm up to boxed wine. The drop in price between boxed and bottled wine isn’t due to the quality of wine; it all comes down to packaging and shipping. It’s much less expensive to ship and package boxed wine. 

Myth #4: All Wine is Better Aged

Again, this may be true for some wines, but not all. Many have grown accustomed to the belief that all wine gets better with age, but this can sometimes be untrue. In reality, 90 percent of all wine produced in the world should be consumed within a year or two of being made. If you’re thinking about saving that unopened bottle of wine for years to come, be certain it’s the kind that will actually get better with age. Also, keep in mind that some wines will taste much better when it’s young and fresh.