Depending on where you are in the world, chances are you’ll be near to an iconic food staple known for being the best in the area. Each city represents an iconic food that you just can’t find as good anywhere else in the world. If you think about iconic foods when you hear Philadelphia, most likely sandwiches come to mind and more specifically, the cheesesteak. No one does the cheesesteak better than Philly.

Although the cheesesteak is a Philadelphia special, there is another sandwich giving it a run for its money. Many Philly natives will say the most popular and best sandwich to come out of the city is the roast pork sandwich, topped with broccoli rabe, meat, pork drippings, and melted provolone cheese. So what do you do when you’re looking for a Philly-style roast pork sandwich in New York City? Look no further because we have compiled a list of the best places to get this sandwich that are Philly-native approved.

Tony Luke’s
Tony Luke’s has one of the less expensive options for the Italian-style roast pork sandwich. It is known to also have the best bread around with the perfectly sliced and seasoned pork to become the highlight of the sandwich, as it should be.

Even though Calyer still has a delicious roast pork sandwich, it’s not the same as the Philly staple. Filled with slow roasted pork shoulder and the right greens and cheese, Calyer serves their roast pork sandwich on ciabatta bread and with a healthy dose of banana peppers. So while it is not the exact style of a Philly roast pork sandwich, it still has that same Philly taste and style at a less expensive price.

Located in Brooklyn, Fedororff’s offers a “messy” version of the South Philly Italian pork roast sandwich. With all the fixins’ correctly supplied on the bread, the pork roast is soaked with drippings which make it a bit messier than Philadelphia natives may be used to. Luckily, the sandwich does compare nicely to the standard juicy Philly special.

The great thing about New York is the fact that there are food replicas all over the city because of the vast amount of people from across the globe. Philly is relatively close to New York, so it’s no wonder their famous roast pork sandwich made its way across the border.