New York City is home to many great restaurants. With picturesque meals and fabulous top-notch service, it is no wonder why this city has become the haven for foodies all around the world. With every dish a representative of its cultural diversity, only one question can come to mind during that 12 pm lunch hour break: Where are we going to eat?

If you are in the mood for sushi, I highly recommend that you take a look at the East Village’s fan favorite spot, Sushi Dojo. Sushi Dojo provides an authentic Japanese cuisine that is simple with a subtle twist. With so many people in New York infatuated for good sushi, it is important to take note of a place that provides the perfect blend of authenticity and culture in both the atmosphere and food of the restaurant. For Sushi Dojo, they do just that. The experience is seen both within quality of service and freshness of the dishes.

What makes a good sushi meal?

Grand-opening-DowntownThere are many elements that factor in when dining out for sushi.  It is simply not the act of eating, but the experience of enjoying. The journey begins with the visual experience. Having a meal that is visually appealing is really the make-or-break point for a customer. No matter how good the food is, if it does not look appetizing, you will not find people ordering it. What you need to understand is that people are bias; they enjoy what they eat based upon what they see. One thing that Sushi Dojo does great with is that they always believe in the aesthetics in their dishes. The combinations of ingredients, seas food, and rolls become a work of art that entices every one of their customers for a full and total visual appreciation.

Once the visual experience is done, it all comes down to taste. When you think of sushi, you want it to be a unique refined experience. You want every bite to bring you to a moment of serenity. Many places will try to replicate this, but Sushi Dojo triumphs them all. Their delectable dishes are found through a variety of combinations and unique ingredients in every meal. Whether you order the sushi, sashimi omakasa, uni cream croquette, or anything else on their menu, you know you are in for a mouthwatering delightful treat

Now as much as the food plays a role in the enjoyable sushi meal, it is the atmosphere that allows for this magical culinary experience. Immediately when you walk in, you are greeted with a unique mix of fine dining and disco music. While this may seem odd, and maybe out-of-date, Sushi Dojo leverages this to create a unique and vibrant atmosphere to share with their customers. This innovative poppy art of Sushi Disco has been revitalized in the modern sense where the mix of 80’s disco music and the cliché mirror ball add to the overall upbeat atmosphere anyone is looking for when they are dining out. So whether you are out with your family, friends, or business colleagues, check out Sushi Dojo on 110 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10009. Enjoy the music, enjoy the service, and most importantly, enjoy the sushi.