With the age of technology creeping into every aspect of our lives, I feel it is important to highlight how social media has impact our world, especially in the food, dining, and cooking sector. Like it or not, social media will always be an ever-evolving entity. It has changed the way we interact with one another and has shaped and influenced how we want to market ourselves online. While there are a variety of negatives that can be said about social media’s growth, the overwhelming positives we have see is something to always highlight.

In the food industry, social media has changed the various approaches restaurants operate, brand, and market themselves online. With a strong reputation and a consistent communicative social media presence, many restaurant owners, chefs, caterers, and novice cooks are able to share and exchange a plethora amount of information, ideas, pictures, and videos in these virtual communities. While many of these users try and leverage its use as a way to gain more customers, social media will always be a resource to gain more information.

Take for example Yelp reviews. For many of us, especially those traveling, finding a place to wine and dine will always be a part of experience a new city. Even if you live within the area, looking to venture to new eateries and restaurants will play a large role to your social life. Yelp and other review sites provide a strong platform for foodies and critics to discuss the overall dining experience at a place. They can also raise awareness of any hidden gems that you can your friends should experience that could have only been found through word of mouth.


As for restaurants, this type of online social community provides them an opportunity to brand, market, and promote their business. While there will always be an ever-growing pressure to meet the demands of the diners and guest, these online platforms continue to help aid and support growing and thriving businesses all across the world.

Last but not least, social media has taken a dramatic spin where we as foodies and diners alike can now enjoy a comforting meal at the pleasure of our own homes through informative step-by-step recipient tutorials. With the viral sensation ‘Tasty’ launching its quick two-to-five minute videos, millions of people all across the nation are now able to enjoy their favorite meals with the confidence and joy of cooking it themselves.

For myself, the platforms of social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have provided an opportunity to not just learn more about the local eateries by my home and office, but also to enjoy and invest within my hobbies of food. We all love dining out. But to know more about the history and the overall dining experience before sitting at a table brings a sense of security that every diner wants to have. Bad service or flashy cheap meals is something that can completely derail an entire night for your family and friends. But with the knowledge we can amass through online reviews and ‘how-to’ tutorials, we are able to take that control and dine with the utmost pleasure.