In my previous blogs, I have made abundantly clear that New York City is the mecca for great food. One of the most wonderful things about dining in the concrete jungle is that you can find good food anywhere. Whether it is a hole in the wall or a luxurious eatery, New York City continues to surprise me each and every day with new and delightful dining experiences.

Now, unless you live in Hell’s Kitchen, I highly doubt you spend a lot of your time eating in this part of town. But for those who have, these diners can speak candidly about the excellent restaurants and dining options that are found within the area. Because of this, I bring you the Marshal.

While I do not usually go to Hell’s Kitchen to wine and dine, I was highly recommended through a group of friends to try the Marshal. Now, for those who know me, they know I have a particular taste, especially if I am dining at a high-class establishment. And with the foodies and food critics alike trending towards local and sustainable foods, I wanted to make sure I was going to the right place. Needless to say, the Marshal was able to go above and beyond my expectations. At the Marshal, you are able to get the quality and creativity that continues to highlight the ingenuity behind their superb hyper-local food menu. But before I get into the food, I have to talk about the Marshal as a whole.

Located on 10th Avenue, this picturesque block is clearly more than meets the eye. While small enough to hold at most thirty or so guest, the Marshal’s beautifully designed bistro-style seating and cozy rustic charm were able to provide an exceptional welcoming atmosphere. Even during the busy night when my guest and I arrived, the waiting staff and restaurant were able to provide that much needed intimate ambience that allowed my party to enjoy our meals privately. To help with this was of course the wonderfully charismatic and talented waiting staff. Not only where they incredibly friendly, but also very attentive to all of our needs.

Now, if you do have the pleasure to dine at this establishment, be sure to ask about the Short Ribs with NY cheddar polenta and the Pulled Two Rock Ranch Dorper lamb. The meat was so succulent and savory that you will feel like you are heaven.  In addition, make sure you accompany your entrees with their delicious wood oven roasted Berkshire bacon side and homemade biscuits.

If price is your factor, the menu, especially the main courses, can be a bit pricey. But, that should not stop you from trying their other delicious options. If anything, make this place an incredible night for that special someone.

To learn more, please visit the restaurant’s site here: The Marshal.