If you are a wine connoisseur, you know that the wine glass you drink out of is just as important as the wine you drink. The wine glass is something to take into consideration depending on the type of wine you are drinking. Each glass is designed to let the wine breathe just the right amount in order to get the best flavor.

Based on the different types of glasses there are, some of the best wine glasses have been tested and found. Each one specifically designed for the many wines of the world. Here we are going to find out what kind of wine is made for these different styles of glassware and where you can find them.

Parts Of The Glass
Each wine glass is made up of the same components but each one designed a bit differently for the liquid they will hold. The Foot, Stem, Bowl, Rim, and Color are essential to the design. In regards to color, wine glasses should be crystal clear. This gives way to the look and beauty of the wine itself. Although glasses with colors and patterns can be popular, the best way to serve wine is through a clear glass.

The Foot on a wine glass allows it to stand on its own. The stem on a glass is designed to let the person consuming the wine, have their hands away from the wine itself, so they don’t heat the wine in the glass with the temperature from their hands. The bowl of a glass can either be created with a larger or smaller surface area to allow the wine to breathe. The width of the rim will let you sip wine smoothly depending on how thick or thin it is.

Types of Wine Glasses
Each wine glass is designed for a specific kind of wine. Red wine glasses consist of Cabernet, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, and Rose. Some of the white wine glasses are Chardonnay, Viognier, Sparkling, Sweet Wine, Vintage, and Rose White. A few of the other wine glasses that don’t fall within the reds or whites are Port, Sherry, Balloon, Flute, and Stemless.

Each wine glass can intensify or subdue the taste or smell of a particular wine.  These glasses help the wine to reach its full potential. Although the list of different glasses is quite long, one or two wine glasses will always suffice for your at home needs. But, if you want to take your tasting to the next level, know that you have an extensive range of options to choose from based on your favorite wines.