Wine is expected to be trendier than ever before in 2020. Italy leads the world’s wine trends and even creates its own. A wine supplier located in the UK has reported that it is likely a hybrid Rose/Prosecco wine will be sold in stores by the end of 2020. The Processo will be made with Glera grapes and Pinot Noir.

Since the birth of rose on the market, it has yet to be considered a serious wine. However, that is set to change in 2020. High-end bottles of Rose will be making their debut, causing wine connoisseur to take notice.

The newest trend in the industry calls for natural wines, a term that has yet to be clearly defined. Retailers and restaurants in the UK are eager to incorporate this trend into their wine offerings. Natural wines can already be found in the country’s Aldi grocery stores. On the shelves, customers will find what is referred to as an orange wine. This wine lacks the extra sulfites found in other wines.

One major player in the wine industry that is quickly falling in 2020 is Burgundy. The Fine Wine 1000 sub-index shows that sales have declined in the last year. As a growing number of Burgundy labels were released the increase in selection wasn’t increasing sales of the wine. As a result, Burgundy is maturing in a way that could eventually turn this around.

Another trend for the new year will be oaked Chardonnay wines. Though they are nothing new, their popularity is gaining, despite the fact that winemakers had previously felt that using oak in wine was overbearing.

Austrian wines are poised to become power players in the industry. The country’s variety of indigenous grapes is the main reason for this. In addition to the Gruner Veltliner that Austrian wines have traditionally been made with, this year’s wines are set to use Austrian Sparkling, Zweigelt, Saint Laurent, and Blaufrankisch.

In an attempt to make wines a healthy drink option, retailers will be unveiling new vegan wines this year. While last year only a handful of vegan wines were offered by labels such as Majestic, in 2020 they are set to offer 200 of them.